Greetings friends and ambassadors of all things musical and mellow and thank you for visiting my website!  Herein lie some of my saxophone offerings and musical musings that may be of interest to all the creative cosmologists and audio alchemists out there. Most of the content on the site is downloadable and check out the link above to hear my Garageband project of Funky odd meter 70s/80s tunes where i play all the instruments myself!  It's always great to hear from you so use the contact form if you'd like to get in touch.  Until then, in these most turbulent of times may we remain united, inquisitive, fearless and ever hopeful in the search for the brightest moments.


Johnny, Dec 1st 2018 NYC

NEXT SHOW: 12/16 @ Luceys Lounge, 375 3rd ave. Brooklyn 7-9pm


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